Widex USA Inc announced the Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid – its new hearing technology solution “that builds upon the proven benefits of Widex MOMENT to further enhance wearers’ lifestyles and well-being.” The new solution strives to “deliver the perfection of natural sound by expanding the benefits of Widex PureSound to more users; adding advanced software and hardware technologies that support engagement and improved well-being; and elevating design standards for a user experience that instills pride and confidence in ownership.”

“The impact of hearing loss is significant for all patients, but it’s expressly personal, with no two ears the same. However, the desire for natural sound is universal – and delivering it is key to meeting individual patient needs,” said Dana Helmink, Senior Director of Audiology and Clinical Education at Widex.

“Since launching in 2020, Widex MOMENT hearing aids have made it easier and more comfortable for users to hear, process, place, and discern sounds in even the most complex environments. Widex MOMENT Sheer now builds on those benefits to go beyond healthy hearing, to healthier living, with advanced technologies that not only overcome the challenges of hearing loss, but also the challenges of everyday life.”

Advanced Technologies for Engagement and Wellbeing

According to the company’s announcement, Widex MOMENT Sheer features various new technologies that extend the benefits of natural sound to support overall well-being and enable greater engagement in life. The new solution debuts an enhanced version of the company’s AI-based customization tool, MySound, which combines the power of artificial intelligence with wearer-intent so users can always hear what they want in various environments.

Accessible through the Widex MOMENT app, MySound 2.0 can now deliver “an even more personal and impactful hearing experience through a new customization parameter — compression.” This functionality allows users to choose what sounds they want to emphasize depending on their environment, allowing for even greater customization, Widex says.

MySound 2.0 is built on two different approaches to sound personalization, according to Widex: Made by You and Made for You. Made by You guides users to a better sound through a series of A/B comparisons, allowing them to tailor the experience to their exact listening needs. These A/B comparisons have been updated to include compression preferences as well, “resulting in over 10X more comparisons than the original MySound.” Made for You uses AI to gather sound preferences from Widex wearers worldwide and instantly distills them into optimized sound recommendations for the user.

Widex MOMENT Sheer also debuts Widex SoundRelax, an expanded library of fractal sounds, which is said to bring a “calming effect of soft tones and modulated nature sounds to wearers with and without tinnitus.” SoundRelax leverages fractal mathematics to generate constantly changing, soothing tones and chimes that never repeat. The user-driven experience is fully customizable through the Widex MOMENT app and there are a wide variety of selectable soundscapes.

On the hardware side, Widex is introducing Widex Sound Assist, a five-in-one device designed to improve communication through partner and table microphone functionality, hands-free phone calls, direct streaming from any Bluetooth device, and remote control of Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aids.

Modern Design and User Experience

All Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aids, packaging, and accessories “boast an elevated design aesthetic that ensures user experiences align with the device’s exceptional technological performance.” The first form factor to feature this new design aesthetic is the Widex MOMENT sRIC. With a new metallic trim and redesigned charger and jewel case, everything is designed to entice users to “try them out.”

Widex is also bringing a touch of tactility to the already award-winning design of TV Play — a device that streams sound from a TV directly to Widex hearing aids.

Proven Natural Sound

Widex PureSound with ZeroDelay continues to deliver “the fastest sound processing available, eliminating artificial sound while making it easier for users to discern speech and detect and place sounds around them.” It helps preserve listeners’ cues for spatial perception, resulting in “a more natural, layered sound experience.”

To bring this experience to even more users, Widex MOMENT Sheer now includes a new range of instant ear tips that work with TruAcoustics, the company’s fitting calculation software, to provide better acoustical stability. New ear tips and fitting recommendations also allow a broader range of hearing losses to be fitted with instant tips, giving HCPs even more flexibility.

“Widex MOMENT Sheer is for hearing care professionals who want technology that is easier for them to select and fit, and for patients to wear and use,” Helmink said. “Built on the proven benefits of natural sound in overcoming hearing loss, Widex MOMENT Sheer takes our already market-leading technology from better hearing to better living.”

The Widex Difference

Widex MOMENT Sheer is a direct outcome of the Widex Difference — a new approach designed to help HCPs provide superior patient services and results that help them stand out in an increasingly crowded market. One of the core pillars of the Widex Difference is “developing Unique Technology that delivers sound like no other.”

“As the profession continues to evolve, Widex remains a dedicated partner for every hearing care professional committed to success for themselves and their patients,” Helmink said. “Dovetailing with the launch of Widex MOMENT Sheer, the Widex Difference reflects our deep understanding of professional challenges and opportunities, while demonstrating our commitment to provide HCPs with the innovative technology needed to grow their practices for years to come.”

For more information on the Widex Difference, click here. For more information about the Widex MOMENT Sheer hearing aid solution, click here.

Source: Widex

Image: Widex