Audeo Phonak announced ActiveVent, said to be “the world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver” and CROS P, the Paradise solution for people with unilateral hearing loss (UHL). Both ActiveVent and CROS P are the latest additions to the company’s Paradise line of hearing aid technology, now “the best-selling platform in Phonak history,” according to the company. 

  • ActiveVent Receiver is “the world’s first hearing aid receiver that automatically opens and closes based on the listening environment.” The new receiver utilizes a mechanically switching vent that intelligently balances speech clarity in noise with listening comfort 1, thus combining the hearing performance of a closed fit with the comfort of an open fit. 
  • CROS P is the Paradise solution for people with UHL. CROS P and Audéo P improve speech recognition in noise when speech is presented to the non-hearing ear2 *. CROS P paired with Audéo P are easy to use, rechargeable,** and feature universal Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, TVs, laptops and more, including Roger devices, according to Phonak.

With ActiveVent Receiver and CROS P, Phonak “expands access to Paradise hearing solutions and unrivaled sound quality.” ActiveVent receivers were proven to help hearing aid wearers more easily block noise, providing an average of 10% better speech clarity in noisy situations3 *** while providing natural sound in various listening situations. ActiveVent Receiver also deliverers superior sound quality for streamed media****. Likewise, when CROS P is fitted with an Audeo P hearing aid, people with UHL can hear speech in noise and follow conversations from whatever direction they come from.2 *

Phonak ActiveVent

“We are thrilled to announce another world’s first with ActiveVent Receiver while extending proven Paradise technology to those with unilateral hearing with CROS P,” said Jon Billings, vice-president Phonak marketing. “Just one year ago we introduced Phonak Paradise with the goal of helping consumers rediscover the wonders of sound. These products represent our commitment to superior sound quality in even the most challenging listening situations—and now for virtually every form of hearing loss.” 

Paradise – One Year Later

Introduced in August 2020, Phonak Paradise technology offers “the combination of unrivaled sound quality, universal Bluetooth connectivity with multiple Bluetooth connections, hands-free calling, and Tap Control for easy access to popular voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.”

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver Animation

According to the company’s announcement, over 1,000,000 Phonak Paradise hearing aids were sold in the past year despite the challenges consumers and hearing care professionals faced with the global pandemic. Among them, 90% of consumers would recommend Paradise to family or friends and 92% of providers would recommend Paradise to their peers.4

In the US, CROS P is available to order beginning today via licensed hearing care professionals and ActiveVent Receivers will be available fall of 2021. 

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* When using a CROS system compared to unaided. 

** There are 2 models: a rechargeable and 312 battery. 

*** When using a CROS system compared to unaided. 

**** Compared to standard acoustic coupling in quiet.

Bluetooth word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Sonova AG is under license.

Google Assistant is a trademark of Google LLC.

Siri is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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