Bernafon, Bern, Switzerland, introduces Vérité, a premium, receiver-in-the-ear lifestyle hearing instrument, at the recent AudiologyNow! 2009 event in Dallas. Vérité combines proprietary signal processing, multi-environment technology, and wireless connectivity.

Verité’s high-resolution performance is based on the proprietary ChannelFree signal processing, which stays true to the acoustic signal by treating it as a whole, rather than artificially breaking it into channels. The multi-environment technology in the device controls an array of advanced adaptive features that automatically adjust to changes in the sound environment.

The device offers wireless binaural communication between the hearing instruments that supplies a realistic experience of the auditory world. Its data logging and learning help to determine the best settings possible for each individual, and it offers high-quality wireless connectivity to external sound sources such as mobile phones, TV, music players, and computers via the new SoundGate.

Vérité’s award-winning organic design reflects harmony with nature and fits comfortably behind the ear. It will be available at the end of April.

The company’s US headquarters is in Somerset, NJ.

[Source: Bernafon]