Vivtone, a provider in rechargeable hearing aid production, announced the launch of its high-quality, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. 

With a focus on the latest hearing technology, Vivtone offers medical-grade, FDA-registered, premium selection of doctor-designed, out-of-the-box, and readily available licensed hearing professionals support, the company says. 

Vivtone Behind-the-Ear Products

With advancements in technology, Vivtone’s BTE hearing aids are now available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every need and preference. For those who find it inconvenient to replace tiny hearing aid batteries, rechargeable hearing aids from Vivtone are available. If comfort is an individual’s top priority, Vivtone’s receiver-in-canal hearing aids are the best option. For those who prefer discretion, the smallest BTE hearing aids or mini BTE hearing aids are practically invisible, the company says.

Vivtone specializes in the development, production, and sale of comfortable and easy-to-use behind-the-ear hearing aids suitable for all types of hearing loss. Over the years, the brand has empowered more than 100,000 Americans with mild to moderate hearing difficulties. Their competitively priced and feature-rich products have been designed by ENT doctors, audiologists, hearing aid specialists, and sound engineers for maximum accuracy.

The company has launched five new behind-the-ear hearing aids to serve unique purposes. The Vivtone Lucid508 rechargeable hearing aids for convenience, Vivtone Lucid516 RIC hearing aids for comfort, Vivtone RIC02 invisible hearing aids for discretion, Vivtone Lucid30 power hearing aids for an active lifestyle, and Vivtone XPURE Bluetooth hearing aids for personalized listening with remote control.

“We at Vivtone understand how crazily expensive hearing aids can get. This is why our world-class team of dedicated hearing professionals has come up with high-end hearing aids at a fraction of the price. We are on a mission to help people hear the world again. We focus on providing excellent hearing aids and customer service at an unbeatable value. If customers don’t absolutely love our devices, let us know within 45 days of receiving them, and they will be reimbursed in full,” says the company founder.