Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers, Louisville, Ky, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management Inc, introduces the next-generation Blulink II K Series, which provides hands-free connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, MP3 players, landline phones, TV, and other wireless electronic devices.

“The features of the Blulink II allow for a more natural and effortless listening experience, preserving speech and spatial signals while providing a rich sound quality not only in conversation but in music listening as well," says Steve W. Barlow, CEO of Avada. "These instruments not only provide a connection for the user with the people around them, but also with the world around them … ."

Avada says the device is a faster, more powerful processor featuring four special features that work in tandem:

  • 3D Sound allows users to hear the voices that are spoken to them more easily, and allows them to give attention to other voices as they choose, creating a more natural way of understanding conversation.
  • Speech Shield allows the brain to recognize natural speech cues while blocking distracting noises, giving users a better ability to focus on their conversation.
  • Vibrant Bass restores a full bass sound, which allows for a richer sound experience while streaming.
  • Open Music allows users to hear music more vividly as if they are sitting in the performance hall with the musicians.

Blulink II hearing systems are available in a variety of styles, from completely inside the ear canal to fitting discreetly behind the ear. The range of colors complements natural skin and hair tones. 

Avada operates more than 280 hearing care centers nationwide.

[Source: Avada]