Eyemaginations Inc, Baltimore, has released the latest version of its software for ENT practitioners, helping to enhance patient education and marketing opportunities for the otolaryngology community.

LUMA version 1.3 includes new presentations covering introduction, testing, and treatment, and new functionalities within the program, many of which were implemented based on client feedback:

• To ease the user experience, the media center navigation has been simplified and content has been rearranged and renamed to be more intuitive.
• The user now has more control of functionality within the media player–enhanced video controls and closed captions help to improve the patient’s visual experience.

Physicians can help insure that patients understand their condition and treatment options using the visual simulations. Concurrently, the practice can showcase products, while helping to save time and increase productivity.

For more information, call (877) 321-5481, or visit the Web site, ent.eyemaginations.com.

[Source: Eyemaginations]