Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers has redesigned their website to be more relevant to local visitors. The site can now automatically sense the visitor’s location and load a local office, local practitioner and bio, local coupons, as well as local testimonials.

Marketing director Mark Walser worked with a web development company on designing the new site and the underlying database that drives the local information displayed on the site. He said in the press announcement, "In order to provide relative information about our services and products, we feel you have to automatically deliver the page that features the office closest to the website visitor’s home town. We’ve been able to create an Internet strategy that does just that."

Walser added, "We’ve added local testimonials with photos so potential patients can see how others with similar hearing frustrations found solutions with Avada."

The developers also included the local insurance partners, allowing some visitors the opportunity to discern if their personal insurance provides hearing benefits.

The structure of the supporting database allows for real-time editing. If office hours or personnel changes happen, the website will reflect those changes almost immediately.

The primary intent of Avada’s new site is to drive office traffic. Prominently featured throughout the site are areas where the visitors can create an appointment request. Since all inquiries are throughput directly to the local branch office, these appointments can be handled seamlessly.

Avada operates several hundred health care centers nationwide,

SOURCE: Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers