Cochlear Americas has just received FDA approval for its Nucleus CI422 with Slim Straight electrode, which is designed for preserving the delicate cochlear structures and accommodating specific preferences with anatomy and technique for a range of patient conditions.

According to the company, the Nucleus CI422 is now the world’s thinnest, full length electrode.

Cochlear Americas also stated in its press release that its portfolio contains distinct categories of high performance electrodes, each with 22 active contacts, designed for insertions into scala tympani to maximize hearing performance.

The new Slim Straight has a patented unique design combination of apical flexibility and basal support to allow for a smooth single motion insertion and minimal trauma. In addition, the electrode features a patented Softip and half banded contacts for a smooth silicone lateral wall surface.

Preserving cochlear tissues is becoming a high priority and technology trend for implant makers, since recipients may receive implant technology upgrades during their lifetime.

"Different patients, surgical preferences, and audiological conditions require unique solutions," said Dr Pete Weber, chief medical officer for Cochlear Americas. "Each of Cochlear’s tailored, high performance electrodes exhibits a powerful combination of individual features, state of the art materials, and hearing performance capability, all designed to enable the very best outcomes in each patient, whether that be a child or adult."

SOURCE: Cochlear Americas