The American Academy of Audiology, Reston, Va will hold its first Future Leaders of Audiology conference in Reston, Va from September 25 to 27.

The conference features a program that nurtures an appreciation for audiology’s past, and the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in the future, says Patrick Feeney, Academy president and conference chair.
Feeney and Carmen Brewer, conference program chair, have developed an agenda that includes many leaders in the profession. The conference presenters—Lucille Beck, PhD, Dave Fabry, PhD, Alison Grimes, AuD, James Jerger, PhD, Brad Stach, PhD, Therese Walden, AuD, and Gail Whitelaw, PhD—and key Academy staff will address topics such as history of audiology, strategic thinking, advocacy, volunteerism, and philanthropy.

Jeffrey Cufaude, a well-known author and speaker on leadership and management issues within the association profession, will lead an all-day interactive session. Conference participants will take the DiSC profile and use the findings to discuss leadership and communication styles and the challenges and opportunities faced by professional association leaders.

The conference provide an opportunity for self-discovery, which will serve the future leaders as they move into volunteer leadership positions in the Academy and the hearing health care profession.

Sixteen early-career audiologists will participate. The Future Leaders of Audiology Class of 2008 includes:
Marlo Bailey, AuD 
Shilpi Banerjee, PhD 
Mindy Brudereck, AuD 
Saunja Burt, AuD 
Lisa Christensen, AuD 
Kwame  Curtis, MS 
Sumitrajit Dhar, PhD 
Sarah  Draplin, AuD 
Andrew Dundas, MA 
Gary Fike, AuD 
Brian Fligor, ScD 
Josie Helmbrecht, AuD 
Kristiina Huckabay, MA 
Craig Kasper, AuD 
Shannon Luongo, AuD  
Cyndi  Trueheart, AuD

The Academy and AAA Foundation will host a leadership dinner on Thursday evening to recognize the title sponsors: Oticon, ReSound, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Starkey Laboratories, and Widex.