From left: Ken King, president of The Strategy King; Dr. Greg Winter, CVTC superintendent; Haley Pitre, executive assistant, HSI Sensing; Ryan Posey, VP operations, HSI Sensing; Angela Lewis, CVTC BIS director; George Tiner, CVTC assistant superintendent; and Dick Lowe, CVTC industrial coordinator.

HSI Sensing (formerly Hermetic Switch), Chickasha, Okla, a designer and manufacturer of reed switches, proximity sensors, and other switch technologies, has been awarded the 2010 Partners for Progress Award by the Canadian Valley Technology Center (CVTC). The award recognizes businesses and industries that have made outstanding contributions to the improvement, promotion, development, and progress of career and technology centers in Oklahoma.

CVTC nominated HSI Sensing as an outstanding partner due to its support in the progress of its Oklahoma technology center system during the 2009-2010 school year. HSI Sensing participated in multiple training opportunities, business and industry training initiatives, and CVTC’s daytime programs.

“The company’s reputation is outstanding in product reliability, quality, special characteristics, and customer service,” said Angie Lewis, CVTC director of business and industry services. “Their employees receive many months of on-the-job training to develop skills in electroplating, glass sealing, electrical testing, precision cutting, and welding operations.”

Lewis said HSI Sensing’s employees have completed training in the areas of safety, leadership, strategic planning, and other programs. The employee-owned company is a partner for progress in training at the CVTC District workforce for the future. The partnership has also included many years of working together on economic development issues. HSI is proactive in south-central Oklahoma and encourages its employees to be active leaders in the community. The manufacturer serves as an agent for economic development and growth in the area.

“We value our partnership with HSI Sensing and are pleased that we can work together to serve our local workforce in a variety of ways," Lewis said. "Partnerships like this strengthen our communities and serve as the foundation for future growth and prosperity.”

[Source: HSI Sensing]