Alexander Zschokke, Sonova’s group vice president (GVP) channel solutions, is leaving the company to become CEO for the Franke Artemis Group, effective October 1, 2012. He will remain in his current position until the end of August.

Zschokke (pictured) joined Sonova in July 2006 as GVP marketing. In February 2010, he took over the management of Sonova’s retail business in the role of GVP channel solutions.

When Valentin Chapero left Sonova after last year’s insider trading scandal, Zschokke took on the position of interim CEO until the end of October 2011, when Lukas Braunschweiler joined Sonova as CEO.

The Franke Artemis Group is a Swiss-based conglomerate outside the health care industry. Its portfolio includes food service, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, commercial coffee makers, and real estate.

"We congratulate Alexander Zschokke on his appointment as CEO for Franke. We regret that he is leaving Sonova, but we respect his decision, as we understand that this new role is a great opportunity for him. We would like to thank him for his valuable contribution over the last 6 years to make our company grow and prosper across the globe. We wish him all the best for his future," says Braunschweiler.

"Sonova is a very successful and unique company with an exceptional culture and great people. I’m very grateful for the experience I gained. The opportunities that were given to me were life-changing. At the same time, I’m really excited about the new challenges at Franke," says Zschokke.

After Zschokke leaves at the end of August, Franz Petermann will take over as VP channel solutions and report directly to Braunschweiler. During Zschokke’s tenure as interim CEO, Petermann successfully led the global channel solutions organization.

SOURCE: The Sonova Group