Oticon Medical is launching a new wide Ponto Implant with OptiGrip, a new feature designed with implant geometry that maximizes implant surface area in contact with the bone in order to improve implant stability. The company also unveiled a new 12 mm abutment.

Oticon Medical says that the new wide Ponto implant provides 10% more implant surface in contact with bone and requires 27% less bone removal than other currently available bone anchored implants of the same size.

“Achieving this type of implant geometry has simply not been possible until now,” explains Lars Jinton, director of engineering for Oticon Medical. “Unique, breakthrough technology allows us to provide an implant cutting performance that significantly reduces the required ratio between the implant and drill hole diameters.”

The Ponto System also now includes three abutment lengths, 6 mm, 9 mm, and the new 12 mm, as well as an angled abutment to adjust sound processor orientation. The longer length of the new 12 mm Ponto abutment is unique to Oticon and gives surgeons increased flexibility to adapt to individual variations in skin thickness.

In addition, the company says that the 12 mm will be useful in the treatment of patients with thick skin, as well as in clinical evaluation of new surgical techniques without soft tissue reduction. As a result, the 12 mm abutment may improve cosmetic outcomes and thereby help make bone anchored hearing systems more appealing to patients.

SOURCE: Oticon Medical