June 6, 2007

Audiology Foundation of America founder Dr. David Goldstein, Professor Emeritus in audiology at Purdue University, was honored with a Distinguished Achievement Award at the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) convention held recently in Denver.

Goldstein was recognized for his early promotion of hearing-aid dispensing by audiologists, as well as his dedication to making audiology a doctoral-level profession. Today, the AuD is recognized as the entry-level requirement for audiology practice, and there are 70 accredited AuD programs throughout the nation.

Goldstein’s founded the non-profit Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) in 1989, which is still in operation and is dedicated to leading audiology’s transition to a doctoring profession with the AuD as its unique designator.

“Without Dr. Goldstein’s work, this wonderful, improved educational model would never have happened,” AFA executive director, Susan Paarlberg, says. “The AuD degree now provides an expanded, professional education, which leads to improved care for patients.”

Goldstein retired from Purdue University in 1996 after 33 years of as a clinician, teacher and scholar.

Learn more about the AFA at www.AuDfound.org