Carlsbad, Calif —, a job search website, has once again included "audiologist" on its list of Top 10 Jobs for 2012. Not only is audiologist included again, but also the profession has moved up the rankings, from number nine in 2011, to number six in 2012.

Why is audiologist so highly rated in 2012 out of a long list of jobs? relies partly on employment data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding income level, stress levels, physical work, and safety, as well as current demand and supply.

The company further generalizes these into “Environment, Income, Outlooks, Stress, and Physical Demands." More details about the selection methodology can be read here.

Overall, audiologists are ranked in the top 10 due to low physical demands, a relatively low-stress and safe working environment, combined with a good 2012 hiring outlook and income growth potential for those entering the profession. also estimates that audiologists have an average income of around $67,000 a year.