The AG Bell Bookstore offers books, videos, and resource materials to help parents, professionals, and adults who have a hearing loss acquire spoken language, says a statement released by the organization. 

Members receive a 15% discount, and bulk purchases are also eligible for a discount.

Featured items:

The Hear & Listen! Talk & Sing! book/CD set integrates songs with speech sounds, enabling young children with hearing loss to develop melodic, natural-sounding voices and enhance linguistic skills. The carryover from therapy to every day life provides parents who have children with hearing loss who are developing spoken language with opportunities to use that language at any point during their day.

SMILE–Structured Methods in Language Education–is a multisensory program that teaches speech, reading, and writing to children with severe language and communication delays, including those with hearing loss, dyslexia, or autism. SMILE uses expressive and receptive modalities to improve reading skills of children with severe communication challenges, and is available exclusively through the AG Bell Bookstore.

Songs for Listening! Songs for Life! teaches children with hearing loss how to listen and talk through the use of singing and music. Early-intervention activities help parents and professionals work with children with hearing loss to develop listening and spoken language through lessons that incorporate musical activities to meet language goals. This resource incorporates current language-learning theory, is presented in an easy-to-read format, and includes technical references for professionals.

Offered exclusively through the AG Bell Bookstore, Learn To Talk Around The Clock is an early-intervention program designed for professionals who work with the families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing who are learning to listen and talk. Assuming that the richest environment for listening and spoken language acquisition is within the comfort of a child’s own home, this toolbox helps professionals maximize the caregiver’s language development techniques by encouraging interaction during everyday activities. Reproducible pages will help listening and spoken language specialists, teachers of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, speech-language pathologists, early childhood professionals, special educators, educational audiologists, and others to track and build the family’s progress during these activities.

The ABC’s of AVT will teach you the basic concepts of auditory-verbal therapy and its clinical application with a user-friendly guide and companion video. Developed as an educational tool for professional use in university classrooms and training environments, the ABCs of AVT provides an overview of auditory-verbal techniques and guidance on appropriate intervention for children experiencing difficulties with spoken language development. This item is recommended for reading by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.

[Source: AG Bell]