I saw the article "Hearing Instrument and Fitting Technology: Tech Topic Hearing Aids for Severe-to-Profound Losses: Business as Usual?" by Francis Kuk, PhD, Hanne Andersen, PhD, and Lars Baekgaard, MSc.

As a lay person, I have no idea what they are saying! My wife has profound hearing loss and audiologists are just selling aides; doctors want to operate for cochlear (which she is against with a passion); and I can not seem to find some non salesperson to evaluate her or see if there is new stuff out there that may help some. She currently uses aides and are "the most powerful" out there, and her hearing is getting worse (98% in one ear.) So, when I saw the Widex article, I thought maybe some help here with new technology. I suppose the only way to ultimately tell is to try for the 30 days and then return if not any good. But as I read about other technologies, I wonder if these may help–for example in the car, the phone system where she can hear the conversations? Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciative—We live in Orlando, FL. Thanks.

While this question is outside the scope of our forum on Career Development, I’ll go ahead and respond in the hope that I can help. Audiologists are qualified to offer independent advice and you should be able to find one to do that for you. In situations like yours where your wife has a very significant degree of hearing loss, it can be very difficult to assess potential success. My advice is to identify a provider that will provide your wife with a demonstration of the latest technology. This can be done in the office and if promising, you can proceed with a 30 day trial. Ask for a Bluetooth demonstration for the phone and TV. Also ask for an FM demonstration. Both of these options used with hearing aids can make a considerable improvement in the ability to hear and understand. If you need help locating a provider please email me directly. Good luck.

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