My dream is to get my degree and then find employment somewhere either within my hometown or within a 100-mile area of where I grew up. What do you suggest?

Start making professional contacts early. Join the American Academy of Audiology, the state association where you want to live, and connect with the local universities. Stay in touch with them so that when the right opportunity comes around, you are the first person they think of! If possible, network within the general and medical communities to explore all avenues of opportunity.

If prospects in the dream town are limited, you may need to consider an alternative position in another town to gain some experience. It might be a good idea to talk with one of the larger organizations that have multiple offices because they may be able to transfer you into your ideal location when it opens up. There are also some types of positions that can be worked remotely, but you may want to get some hands on experience first. In any case, I recommend laying your ground work as soon as possible.

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