image001 The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), has submitted comments in response to a House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Health hearing titled, “Telehealth to Digital Medicine: How 21st Century Technology Can Benefit Patients.” The Arlington, Va-based group represents the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks.

In its comments, TIA describes how telehealth and remote patient monitoring continue to change the way that health care is delivered and consumed, and says it is imperative that the US has policies and practices in place that enable the development of this important industry.

TIA also submitted specific recommendations on how Congress can encourage innovation and investment in the future US healthcare system by:

  • Working towards realizing the potential of telehealth and remote patient monitoring;
  • Making investment in advanced medical device technologies a national priority; and
  • Ensuring coordination among key federal agencies.

Last week, Hearing Review reported that the American Medical Association (AMA) said it believes the appropriate use of telemedicine could greatly improve access and quality of care, while maintaining patient safety, and it voted to approve a list of guiding principles on the topic.

HR has also published many articles on telepractice in hearing care, including a special edition from guest-editor Jerry Northern, PhD, and a recent article by Mona Dworsack-Dodge, AuD.

Source: TIA