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Smart Hearing Care Professional!!!

Want to learn how to build a better, stronger, more profitable hearing care practice? Read on…

1. Client Satisfaction
After spending hours working with each client to make sure they are satisfied with their hearing aids, the last thing you want is to have them return, complaining that the hearings aids do not work for them in every listening situation. Provide a complete package that includes solutions for the TV and telephone as well as backup for times when the hearing aid may need repair or cleaning. Now you have addressed ALL of your clients’ needs. This ultimately saves you time and money.

2. New Client Lead Generation
Offering ALDs presents a wonderful opportunity to bring new clients in to your business. The affordable price points generate interest without intimidation. By working with HITEC in developing an ALD program, you have the opportunity to tap into our lead referral and marketing programs.

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3. Enhance Your Practice
HITEC Group has 21 years of innovation, relationships, and knowledge available to our resale partners. Those organizations and businesses that are serious about working with us to better serve their clients while building profitability have the benefit of tapping into our extensive knowledge base.

4. Get an Education That Pays You Back
Learn how the IRS Disabled Tax Credit works and how it is there to help you. Learn how cellular technology affects your business and how you can offer hearing-aid friendly cellular products in a simple, profitable way. Learn how your state’s assistive communication technology program may allow you to better serve your clients while building your practice.

These are just a few of the reasons motivated hearing care professionals turn to HITEC Group as the leader in providing both assistive listening products and valuable market knowledge. Innovating new ideas, offering remarkable service, building strong relationships, and enjoying every step of the process—this is what HITEC does.

We have had the pleasure of making many wonderful friends along the way and thank all of you for your ongoing support and business.

For more information on all of the remarkable ways HITEC can work for your practice, contact Linda Gallas at (800) 288-8303, ext 125, or (630) 321-2325 (direct), or by email at [email protected].  Visit HITEC online at www.hiteconline.com