I am considering a career in audiology but I am worried about the cost of my degree and my income once I graduate. What are the long term prospects for an audiologist? Should I consider a more lucrative career?

That’s an interesting question and one that we hear very frequently. I have learned that most people that have been working for awhile will say that it is very important to love your work and have a real passion for it, since a great deal of time is spent in the workplace.

So that piece of the equation has to have considerable weight; it’s important to respond to our internal calling. On the other hand, we have to be realistic about our abilities to support ourselves and our families. I think we can safely say that the long term job prospects for audiologists are very good; there is high demand, and we anticipate continued need as our patient demographic increases.

The remaining piece is compensation. While not on par with other doctorate level professions, salaries have increased in recent years. Many audiologists in successful private or dispensing practices can earn six figure salaries, and to the extent that you accept a position that allows payment for performance, the potential for upward salary movement is there. Like most things in life, we have to find the balance that best fits our individual needs and preferences. Hope this is helpful to you!

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