Signia announced the start of the Styletto X Challenge, a hearing aid giveaway program. From now until the end of 2020, participants can enter to win one of 10 pairs of Signia’s Styletto X hearwear, combining “award-winning design, improved audibility for speech in noise, and advanced features created in response to Covid-19.”

“Signia’s premium hearing aids like Styletto X do more than just improve how people hear; they empower wearers to live life to the fullest by connecting with those around them,” says Dr Tish Ramirez, AuD, Signia’s vice president, clinical education & professional relations. “In the spirit of staying connected through these unprecedented times, we’re thrilled to change the lives of 10 people who will be drawn at random to receive a pair of Styletto X hearing aids.” 

Styletto X – A timely solution to new challenges

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Signia has introduced two key technologies to address the very specific challenges posed by social distancing and other safety procedures.

Face Mask Mode 

Although face masks are essential to limiting the spread of infection, they can decrease speech understanding. Developed by Signia to help people better hear other speakers wearing masks, “the first and only hearing aid setting of its kind” is activated by hearing aid wearers with the touch of a button within the Signia app on their smartphones.

Katie Chambers is an experienced hearing aid wearer who recently switched to Styletto X and has noticed immediate improvement thanks to the enhanced technology and Face Mask Mode. Katie says, “Face Mask Mode works beautifully. I can hear someone wearing a mask even in a noisy environment, and I’m not missing words or having to ask the person to repeat themselves, so I’d call that a success.”

Remote Care 

Signia also created Remote Care, a remote hearing care program enabling hearing care professionals to prescribe, fit, and fine-tune hearing aids with limited touch points. Remote Care combines Signia TeleCare—a tele-audiology solution—and a new AI-based virtual Signia Assistant for remote service and support, along with enhanced ordering and delivery options. 

Face Mask Mode and Remote Care are both available in Styletto X hearing aids, making them “a comprehensive solution for these unprecedented times.” In addition, Styletto X is built on the Signia Xperience technology platform, helping to deliver “better-than-normal hearing and optimized listening in any situation—even when moving.” Along with portable rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity, and self-service support via Signia Assistant, Styletto X can help people hear what matters most during the pandemic and beyond.

How to enter

Participants can enter to win a pair of Styletto X hearing aids for themselves or a loved one, and read the official contest rules, at:

Source: Signia

Image: Signia