The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) and The German Hearing Aid Association (BVHI) will present the 2020 Digital EUHA Congress, which will take place October 9-November 8, 2020. The Digital Future Friday kick-off event will take place on October 9, 2020 from 9 AM-5 PM (CEST).

Digital Future Friday:

The Digital Future Friday on October 9 will highlight future topics and trends in audiology, hearing-aid acoustics, and the hearing instruments industry. According to EUHA, the event will feature four keynote lectures by internationally renowned experts from science and industry; keynote speeches will take place from 2:00-4:30 PM. Additionally, there will also be a interactive element to Digital Future Friday, as participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers in live chats after the event. EUHA launched the “Future Friday” event at its 2019 conference as a way to focus on the most innovative technologies and forward-looking issues and trends that are projected to impact the hearing industry.

Company Info-Points:

Throughout Digital Future Friday, numerous companies will present their technological developments and product innovations at virtual exhibition booths, or “Company Info-Points.” Here, visitors can access the latest product information and converse with company representatives via live chat or video call. Companies can also book a virtual Company-Info Point to showcase their product innovation by emailing: [email protected]. Note: The number of places is limited. The content of the Company Info-Points is online and will be available to visitors until November 8, 2020. 

EUHA Digital Lecture Program:

The EUHA digital lectures will be available from October 10 and beyond. Renowned speakers from the fields of hearing aid acoustics, medicine, science, and the hearing aid industry have been invited to speak at the event. The EUHA digital lecture hall will be offering an exciting and wide-ranging program. Following the lectures, an interactive chat where speakers answer questions from the audience once a week will be accessible. Further details will be released soon.

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Source: EUHA

Image: EUHA