MedPB, a medical practice builder that helps attract more patient leads and profits for hearing care professionals, is offering the free web event, “How to Reduce Uncertainty and Sell More Hearing Aids”, starting on Wednesday, January 27.

The event features:

  • How some practices grew 25% in 2020, in spite of the pandemic; 
  • The top 3 disruptive forces in audiology in 2021— and how to take advantage of them;
  • The one strategy that most audiologists neglect that helps patients stick like glue;
  • 3 ways OTC is going to make audiologists’ lives easier (not to mention increase sales), and
  • The boring, but simple way to improve reimbursement by 25-50%.

Additionally, participants will get access to 30+ powerful ways to attract and sell to more private-pay patients. 

Featured speakers for the web event include:

  • Kevin St.Clergy, Chief Development Officer of MedPB
  • Gary Rosenblum, President of Oticon
  • Ridge Sampson, Co-founder and CEO of Sycle
  • Tom O’Neill, President and CEO of Cognivue
  • Karl Strom, Editor of The Hearing Review

Audiologists and practice owners who address how successful practices weather uncertainty include:

  • Gyl Kasewurm, AuD
  • Lori Trentacoste, AuD 
  • Robin Carson, AuD
  • Whitney Swander

Additionally, two special presentations on how to offer patients more value are presented by:

  • Ariz Slali, Regional VP-West of Unitron
  • Christy Farrar, Owner of Farrar Consulting

The free online event, offered from January 27-February 3, is tailored for audiologists, hearing aid specialists, and practice owners and managers. Space is limited. To register, visit the MedPB registration page.

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