Over 10,000 hearing care professionals have enrolled onto the “largest ever gathering on hearing aid technology in an interactive learning environment,” with over 6,200 of these attending a live, virtual event hosted by GN Hearing on September 1, the company announced.

To celebrate the launch of the new hearing aid—ReSound ONE—people from across the globe tuned in to attend talks and a virtual exhibit hall over a 24-hour period. Experts in the field of audiology gathered to discuss the latest technology and design, as well as future methods for treating hearing loss. Participants now have access to the training resources and learning materials for the next 90 days.

Laurel Christensen, GN Hearing, Chief Audiology Officer

ReSound ONE is “a breakthrough innovation in hearing aids that’s been built on a novel Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) design, which for the first time uses the unique shape of a person’s outer ear to collect sound for a more natural hearing experience.” Laurel Christensen, GN Hearing’s Chief Audiology Officer, spoke about the immeasurable difference on user’s hearing gained by placing an additional microphone inside the ear canal, coupled with all the benefits of a full-featured hearing aid.

Kelly Prohaska, Officer Manager, Hearing Wellness Solutions shared a post on LinkedIn following the event: “Well, I’m going to have to tip my cap to ReSound for this creative and innovative approach to a product launch. Honestly, I was skeptical, but this is brilliant. I can come and go as I please, get the information I want, and pass on what I don’t. I can safely engage with other professionals, and feel a small sense of normalcy in participating in a large-scale event. I was already excited to learn more about the #ResoundOne, but now I’m chomping at the bit!” 

Source: ReSound

Images: ReSound