Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), an online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, announced the opening of the public voting period for the inaugural Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. 

Through the annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards, HHTM will honor technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry.  

“We’re excited to see companies from across the globe showcase their latest technologies in our awards program,” said Kevin Liebe, HHTM President and CEO. “Entrants in this year’s program hail from some of the most innovative companies in the industry”  

Categories and Awards

In addition to the original five planned categories, an additional sixth category for ‘telehealth’ has been added due to the large number of entries received into the program. 

The product categories open for voting include:

  1. Hearing Aids
  2. Personal Listening Devices
  3. Assistive Technology and Software
  4. Telehealth
  5. Equipment
  6. Auditory Implants

Voting will be open starting now and ending on September 16. Submissions receiving the most votes in each category will be declared winners. 

Following the public vote, the overall “Innovation of the Year” winner will be determined from among the six category winners by an independent panel of qualified judges.

Cast Your Vote!

Each person is allowed one vote per category, per day. So, be sure to visit each day and cast your vote for the most deserving innovations in the hearing industry! 

“We couldn’t be happier to celebrate the amazing innovations in hearing health,” said HHTM Chief Marketing Officer, Nick Fitzgerald. “Do you see a technology that you think deserves to win? Show your support by casting your vote.”

Category award winners and the overall “Innovation of the Year” award winner will be announced during the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) virtual conference, AuDacity 2020, which will take place on October 16-17, 2020.   

Proceeds generated by this year’s awards program will be donated to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA). 

Cast your vote here: https://hearinghealthmatters.org/consumer-vote/.

Source: HHTM

Images: HHTM