As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, clinicians, academic institutions, private organizations, and governments are working tirelessly to find treatments to help patients and at-risk populations threatened by this novel disease. In the absence of approved therapies, investigators are looking towards drug products indicated for other conditions with the goal of repurposing them for COVID-19 indications. Repurposing approved compounds carries both opportunities and risks, including a high risk of ototoxicity based on existing data on the drug classes under consideration.

A new article co-authored by Wahid Awad and Michael Naimark about potential therapeutics for COVID-19 and auditory safety will provide information about how the inclusion of ototoxic assessment in a preclinical safety package for COVID-19 therapies can de-risk regulatory review, preserve patient hearing, and improve market positioning.

The article, published in World Pharma Today, can be accessed by registering on the CILcare website here.

Source: CILcare

Image: CILcare