IMHear Corporation (IMH), Downers Grove, Ill, has announced that to support the company’s recent development of its patent pending line of EZCharge™ “battery free” hearing aids, it has hired new staff and is preparing to secure OEM and development partner relations. According to the IMHear announcement, the company has appointed David Yu as CEO. Yu brings several decades of experience in the hearing aid industry to lead the company’s R&D team.

Additionally, IMHear team has welcomed industry veteran Michael Derry as the company’s operations manager. “Mike’s extensive experience with major manufacturers will serve well in the new company’s growth plan,” said Yu, in the company’s press release.

IMHear also has recently appointed Christopher Schweitzer, PhD, as technical audiology advisor to further help the company provide high-impact technologies to the hearing care industry. Dr Schweitzer has many years as a researcher, educator, industry consultant, and private practice owner, according to the announcement.

“The young and dynamic R&D staff at IMH are remarkably quick to see new opportunities and develop workable solutions,” said Dr Schweitzer.  “I have every expectation that IMH will live up to its name, which derives from ‘Innovations to Maximize Hearing,’ with developments that will change the way consumers are served, and practices operate.”

With several operating features, including 90 minute charge with a mini-USB connector and up to 20 hours of full operating time, the company’s proprietary circuitry is one of many innovations that IMHear is readying for commercial release.

The company is slated to give a Technology Update presentation focused on its new line of rechargeable hearing aid options at the AudiologyNow! 2015 AAA Conference in San Antonio, Texas later this month.

Source: IMHear Corporation