Sonic announced the launch of Radiant, the “first hearing aid built on the powerful new Extend technology platform.”  Radiant is said to offer “next-level technology to find, filter, and fine-tune the sounds users want to hear.” New compression and noise management strategies allow Radiant to help deliver what the company describes as “clear, brilliant sound to improve the user experience, even in noisy environments.” Radiant’s three performance levels, lithium-ion rechargeability, 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy wireless capabilities, and remote fittings help empower hearing care professionals to deliver a “truly personalized solution for patients with mild-to-profound hearing loss.”

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“Platforms don’t change frequently, but when they do, it’s the result of a carefully planned paradigm shift in sound strategy,” said Carolyn Valentine, Sonic Vice President/General Manager. “Our powerful Extend platform combines forward-thinking innovation with trusted technologies and user-friendly features to build a personalized solution that focuses on what matters most to patients – sound that’s natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity, and style that stands out.” 

New Core DSP

Radiant’s core digital signal processing (DSP) helps streamline new noise management and compression systems to enhance sound quality, listening comfort, and speech intelligibility for listeners with hearing loss. According to Sonic, new RADIAN-technologies perform rapidly, responding to speech and noise where and when they emerge in the listening landscape. Working together, Radian Noise Management and Radian Speech Processing actively “find, filter, and fine-tune sound from the optimum angle within a listening environment using intelligent, integrated systems.”

User-Friendly Features for Patients and Professionals

Radiant is Made for iPhone and is the “first Sonic device to support direct audio streaming from compatible Android devices.” The SoundLink 2 App helps allow users to discreetly control their Radiant hearing aids, making it easier to monitor battery charge, adjust volume, and stream directly from Bluetooth-enabled devices. The wireless Radiant miniRITE T R rechargeable hearing solution with built-in lithium-ion battery technology provides a “full day of use, including streaming activity,” the company says.

With Sonic’s EXPRESSfit Pro, hearing care professionals can “set preferences, connect the instruments with Noahlink Wireless, and follow the fitting flow for the best fit, fast.” The new Personalization tool optimizes patients’ sound preferences right from the start, while 24 fitting bands in Radiant100 allow more precise fine-tuning adjustments.

For more information on the entire Radiant family, including Radiant100, Radiant80 , and Radiant60 on the new Extend technology platform, visit the Sonic website here.

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