Sonic announced the launch of a new, expanded Captivate hearing aid family that includes five performance levels, BTE and RITE styles, and a lithium-ion rechargeability option to help “meet more patient needs and budgets.” Built on Sonic’s SoundDNA platform, the Captivate family includes technology for “better feedback and noise control, providing a personalized listening experience automatically,” according to the company. With performance levels from 100 to 20, Captivate helps make it “possible for more patients to hear their own voices naturally and experience more comfort in noise.” A new miniRITE T R style with a built-in Lithium-ion battery, available in all performance levels, delivers a full day of power on a single charge, even while streaming TV, music, and more.*  

“From clarifying conversations to streaming online entertainment, Captivate immerses patients in the sounds of life,” said Carolyn Valentine, Sonic vice president/general manager. “With the expanded Captivate family, hearing care professionals can give more patients more access to the sounds of life, delivering on Sonic’s 4S Foundation of natural sound, speech understanding in noise, simplicity in everything we do, and style that stands out.”

Two-in-One System for Better Feedback Control

Captivate features Adaptive Feedback Canceller (AFC) Pro, a technology that Sonic says helps “minimize distractions from feedback in both stable and changing conditions.” While the standard AFC system continually operates in the background to cancel feedback in static conditions, the speed of the new supplementary system adds up to 6 decibels stable gain to manage sudden, unpredictable changes to the feedback path, according to Sonic. The feedback cancellation capabilities of the 2-in-1 system, especially at higher output levels, helps allow hearing care professionals to “fit a greater number of patients with more open fittings for a natural, own-voice sound.”

Captivate Controls Speech in Noise

Speech in Noise (SPiN) Management, a noise reduction system, includes up to three systems working together as one to enhance speech, attenuate noise, and optimize the control of it all.** According to Sonic, SPiN Directionality, a specialized directional microphone system, automatically activates to locate speech surrounded by noise—and is the key component to improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). SPiN Noise Reduction, a modulation-based algorithm, is said to remove noise that has not already been attenuated by SPiN Directionality. The third system, SPiN Engage, helps allow hearing care professionals to personalize Captivate according to how much noise patients are willing to accept in their individual listening environments. Options vary by technology level.

Fast Charging and Easy Wireless Connectivity 

Captivate miniRITE T R is Sonic’s newest rechargeable style on the SoundDNA Platform. The “slim and discreet solution” features a built-in telecoil, dual push button, and integrated Lithium-ion battery (312+ battery size) for all-day power, even when streaming from wireless accessories. Charging reaches full capacity in three hours, the company says. Added features include a power on/off LED indicator, wall charger, and USB 2.0 compliant options for PC, TV, car, and power bank.  

All Captivate technology levels and styles (miniRITE, miniRITE T with telecoil, miniRITE T R, and BTE 105) feature the Dual-Radio System for 2.4 GHz direct audio streaming and fast ear-to-ear communication. Captivate products are Made for iPhone, and the optional SoundClip-A accessory allows patients to stream sound in stereo to Captivate from Android and other Bluetooth 2.1 smartphones and devices. Additionally, the “new and improved” SoundLink 2 App offers discreet control, battery monitoring, and internet connectivity with the If This Then That (IFTTT) web-based service.

With five technology levels, four BTE styles, and up to seven colors to choose, Captivate allows even more patients to experience What Life Sounds Like. Select the perfect one for patient needs and budgets. For more information on the expanded Captivate family of products visit:

*A full day is 18 hours

**Not all features are available in all performance levels or models.

Source: Sonic

Image: Sonic