Audioscan announced new software updates for its Verifit2 hearing instrument verification system. According to the company, the benefits include significant enhancements to client counseling and the ability to measure Real-Ear-to-Dial Difference (REDD).

Audioscan Verifit2 owners can download a complimentary copy of the 2020.2 software by logging into

2020.2 Software Update for the Verifit2 includes:

Speechmap Counseling Tool – Adds a dedicated counseling screen consisting of overlays, unaided and aided Speechmap tests, and SII to predicted speech understanding counseling. The Counseling Tool helps support educating the client on their hearing loss, their residual hearing dynamic range, and the benefits of hearing aid amplification. 

Sensorineural Loss Simulator Updates – Adds the ability to output the hearing loss simulation to the monitor headphones and now displays the left and right ear in dual view. When headphones are selected as the output, the hearing loss can also be simulated binaurally (Verifit2s with serial numbers C1947 and above). 

Real-Ear-to-Dial Difference (REDD) measurement – Adds the ability to measure Real-Ear-to-Dial Difference when headphones are used for audiometry, increasing the accuracy of dB HL to dB SPL transforms and resulting in more individualized prescriptive targets.

To learn more about the software update please watch our 2020.2 Software Update video. If you would like further information, or are interested in purchasing an Audioscan, please contact your local distributor

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