By Garry Gordon and Robert Traynor

Conditions in the hearing health care market continue to show dramatic change. Survival for many providers and some manufacturing companies will depend greatly on leadership that can present a strategic, profitable pathway to success.  As a result of PSAPs, OTCs, e-commerce, and Big-Box stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and Kroger’s we have entered an AGE OF ACCELERATED COMPETITION. This competition, fanned by the COVID-19, has created substantial consumer anxiety and concern.  Practices that are looking for a method to expand their patient base and profitability in a new market now have a golden opportunity.

In response to this substantial market disruption, E.A.R. Inc and Robert Traynor Audiology have developed a comprehensive training seminar that offers both providers and hearing aid manufacturers a proven pathway to successful marketing of their products and services in the recreational and industrial marketplace. This program is approximately 85% complete and should be available for registered attendees before the end of November 2020.  

The seminar presents how to corner the market on a new group of patients including hunters, shooters, musicians, law enforcement, motorcyclists, farmers, ranchers, dental, construction workers, pilots, and industrial workers. This “virtually ignored” group of potential patients are not going to be seen in hearing care clinics for quite some time as they do not feel that they are old enough to use hearing aids. While initially some may only require hearing protection devices, studies indicate that as many as 47% of these individuals have a noticeable and, usually untreated, hearing loss and/or tinnitus that requires hearing aids and/or professional attention.   

Hearing Care professionals need to watch for the announcement of dates for the initial E.A.R. Inc seminar, where we will educate hearing care professionals on hearing protection devices (HPDs), where to find patients for these products, and how to fabricate custom earplugs from profitable Insta-Mold material, as well as formally and informally conduct attenuation checks.  

Simply go to and review the articles as well as the history of this new and largely untapped opportunity.  To keep informed as to seminar dates and other specifics, fill out the template placing you into our database.

It has been said, “Accurate information is the great equalizer” and the content from this training is specifically designed to teach attendees the skills and proper business procedures to be successful in a new lucrative market.

Source: E.A.R. Inc

Image: E.A.R. Inc