Under a new corporate philanthropy program, Audioscan is donating a Verifit® fitting system to a deserving recipient on behalf of one of its outstanding distributors.

“We are excited to announce that the outstanding distributor is Dave Stewart of Gordon N. Stowe & Audioscan verfit
Associates, and the deserving recipient of a new Verifit® is the University of Arkansas Audiology Department (UALR-UAMS),” said David Cole of Audioscan.

Verifit is designed to enable hearing professionals to acoustically tailor hearing instruments for each patient, and to verify advanced digital functions. The Verifit donation will give program graduates more hands-on experience with a popular hearing instrument fitting system.

“This is a win for the University of Arkansas, the students, and their future patients, and we’re happy that we could facilitate this positive outcome with the help of our dedicated distributor Dave Stewart,” said Cole.

“The Verifit system allows us to provide valuable information to our clients about the performance of their hearing instruments,” said Dr Nannette Nicholson, director of audiology in the joint UALR-UAMS program. “One of the most important aspects of this donation is that it will allow us to do a better job of student training in the area of verification and validation of hearing aid fittings.”

SOURCE: Audioscan