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Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) Testing in MedRx Audiometers

The Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT) test is a new audiological test that helps determine the patient’s ability to understand in noise with hearing aids on. This is a novel approach to speech understanding in noise as ACT uses the patient audiogram to custom generate a signal to approximate aided speech results.

Why Calibration Is Critical With Automated Testing

Recently, Grason-Stadler hosted a discussion between Dr. James W. Hall III and Dr. Robert Margolis about the current audiology landscape. They discussed the patient-provider gap that exists and the urgent need for a solution. In this transcribed excerpt of the interview, they address the importance of calibrated and validated hearing test results and how that affects automated testing.

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Intricon Achieves ‘Critical Milestone’ in Clinical Study of Software

Intricon Corporation (NASDAQ: IIN), a joint development manufacturer of micromedical technology for use in interventional, implantable, and body-worn medical devices, announced that it has achieved “a critical milestone in the clinical study of its proprietary software that will allow people to self-fit hearing aids that are sold over-the-counter at retail stores and online.”

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Western’s NCA Honored with Governor General’s Innovation Award

A team of researchers at Western’s National Centre for Audiology (NCA)—led by director Susan Scollie, and pioneering hearing researcher Richard Seewald, and team members Marlene Bagatto, Steve Beaulac, Leonard Cornelisse, Shane Moodie and Sheila Moodie—has won a Governor General’s Innovation Award (GGIA) for developing the world’s first pediatric hearing aid prescription software (DSL). 

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ArchiMed to Acquire Natus Medical Inc

Natus Medical Incorporated (NASDAQ: NTUS), (the “Company” or “Natus”), a provider of medical device solutions to screen, diagnose, and treat disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and eight sensory nervous systems, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by an affiliate of ArchiMed (“ArchiMed”), an investment firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry for approximately $1.2 billion.

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Audioscan Launches Software Updates for Verifit2 and Axiom

Audioscan announced a new software updates for its Verifit2 and Axiom hearing instrument verification systems. Benefits include new tools for improving the efficiency and accuracy of Speechmap verification, counseling enhancements, and new BAHD devices for DSL-BCD target verification using the Verifit Skull Simulator, among other additions, according to the company.

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AI Assistant Improves Both Wearer Outcomes and Clinical Efficiency

To investigate the benefits of an AI assistant to support the individualization of hearing aid fittings, 58 hearing aid wearers were surveyed. The results showed Signia Assistant is perceived as easy to use and improves the fitting for individual wearers in difficult listening situations. Further, it increases the clinician’s ability to optimize the fitting more accurately to the individual and strengthens the provider-wearer relationship.

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