Founded in 1994, MedRx has helped hearing healthcare providers worldwide provide patients with high-quality hearing healthcare. In that time, our advanced audiometric equipment and systems have adapted to industry changes and the needs of our customers. The hearing healthcare industry has evolved significantly these last three decades, and with it, MedRx has remained steadfast in our commitment to producing innovative solutions in computer-based audiometry.

MedRx was founded when digital hearing aids were first being introduced. It was a great time to start moving toward the future of hearing technology by going digital and using computer control. MedRx was founded with a video otoscope and quickly added software to our products. The decision to build in software has been a defining characteristic of the MedRx products ever since. The MedRx product lines have, since birth, been computer-based products with software controlling the equipment. Around this time, many hearing aids were still being programmed with trim pots or dials on the hearing aid and screwdrivers. Equipment was much the same, being primarily knob and dial driven. However, the digital transformation moved both hearing aids and diagnostic equipment to become computer-controlled devices. MedRx embraced this direction and launched the OtoWizard, a full diagnostic setup controlled by a computer.

Since then, MedRx has developed a long line of innovative audiometric solutions for hearing healthcare professionals including audiometers, real ear measurement systems, and hearing instrument test boxes.

For the last 10 years, MedRx has consistently dedicated efforts to designing new modern products and technology, including our new Studio software. The new software featured a modern design and intuitive navigation elements for a seamless user experience. With Studio also came updates to our audiometric systems and new products designed to meet the demands of the modern hearing healthcare industry. These new products include our latest line of wireless products, the MedRx AWRC and MedRx WREM. The MedRx AWRC, launched in 2023, is an audiometer with wireless real ear measurement built into the device. The most recent product launched in 2024, the MedRx WREM, is a standalone wireless real ear measurement system. 

While these are only a few of MedRx’s accomplishments in recent years, we’re always looking for ways to grow and meet the new needs of customers. As the demand for hearing healthcare professionals increases, we will continue to establish new products and software solutions that increase office efficiencies and lead to more accurate results.

In the three decades since MedRx entered the scene, we have not only mastered the design and development of our products but also how to listen to and anticipate the needs of our customers. In the coming years, our proven history of reliability and innovation will continue as we work to meet those needs.

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Images: MedRx