Lexie Hearing, a provider in over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, unveiled the launch of the Lexie B2 Plus Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids Powered by Bose, which includes an enhanced in-app hearing test feature and a new charging carrying case that holds one, up to 18-hour charge to extend battery life.

“We’re always innovating to bring best-in-class hearing aids to the market for the 44 million Americans who experience mild to moderate hearing loss,” says Nic Klopper, CEO of Lexie Hearing. “With the launch of the Lexie B2 Plus, we’re pleased to continue delivering an exceptional hearing experience backed by award-winning customer service.”

The Lexie B2 Hearing Test App

The Lexie B2 Plus Hearing Aids Powered by Bose feature an optional in-app hearing test that provides wearers with recommended hearing aid settings tailored to their unique hearing profile, giving users an optimal initial setting that they can save as one of their presets. From there users can further fine-tune to get the most comfortable experience in a variety of environments. The hearing test uses diagnostic technology provided by Lexie Hearing’s parent company, hearX, a world leader in digital audiological equipment.

Wearers have a choice to take the hearing test upon initial setup and any time they are wearing the hearing aids. The test may be repeated as many times as desired. Wearers who prefer not to use the hearing test feature can manually adjust their hearing aids for preferred bass and treble levels and volume, giving them the ultimate control over their hearing experience.

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“Hearing is a highly individual and unique experience, much like a fingerprint,” says Klopper. “The in-app hearing test makes it easy to find the ideal setting for your ears at any point in your hearing journey, giving you the confidence to hear the life you love.” 

The upgraded product builds on the industry-leading Lexie B2 Hearing Aids Powered by Bose, available from leading retailers like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, CVS Health, Walgreens and LexieHearing.com

Featured image: Lexie Hearing’s new B2 Plus Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids Powered by Bose offer an optional in-app hearing test and 18-hour rechargeable case. Photo: Lexie Hearing