Grason-Stadler, a provider of clinical audiometric systems, announced the introduction of its new GSI Video Otoscope and unveiled an update to its audiometric data management software, GSI Suite.

GSI Suite allows users to streamline patient reporting by connecting all of their audiometric evaluations into one report. Using it, data is transferred from a GSI-compatible instrument to GSI Suite, where it is stored, and custom reports may be generated. Audiometric, tympanometric, OAE, and now, Otoscopic results may be combined into predefined customized report templates. Additional features include counseling overlays for immediate feedback to the patient and Noah compatibility.

New software enhancements to the GSI Suite Include:

  • GSI Video Otoscope Module: Seamlessly capture and evaluate images with GSI Otoscope in GSI Suite.
  • Additional and Updated Language Options: An additional five languages have been added to the GSI Suite for a total of 20 language options.
  • Reporting: The GSI Suite template editor includes new otoscope features for a completely customizable experience.

Complimenting the updates to GSI Suite, Grason-Stadler introduced the new GSI Video Otoscope. The GSI Video Otoscope has a module within GSI Suite that allows users to include any findings in their report and the patient’s chart, according to the company. This device offers the flexibility to capture up to 24 images and assign selected images to a patient record. The addition of the video otoscope supports the evaluation, identification, documentation, and diagnosis of ear disorders, says Grason-Stadler.

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With the integration of the GSI Video Otoscope and GSI Suite, clinicians can now capture necessary information during examinations and effortlessly incorporate findings and diagnoses into patient records.

Key features of the GSI Video Otoscope Include:

  • Lightweight and Compact Design: The ergonomic design features a lightweight and compact form making it a portable and practical addition to the clinical setting.
  • USB-Powered: This device eliminates the need for batteries or additional power sources.
  • Convenient Capture Buton: The user-friendly capture button enables clinicians to capture clear and detailed images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane.
  • Immediate Imaging: The GSI Video Otoscope allows healthcare professionals to share images with patients in real time.

Photo: Grason-Stadler