Audioscan’s Axiom offers the highest quality in standard verification. It is for clinics that need only the essentials in verifying hearing instruments. Simply connect to your laptop or an external monitor and your Axiom is ready to go to work!


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Speechmap’s guided workflow makes hearing instrument verification intuitive while offering accurate results using the industry’s most advanced tools.

Guided Workflow

  • Increases verification efficiency and offers ease of use

Audibility Mapping

  • Verify audibility and listening comfort for amplified signals
  • Verify to validated, generic fitting formula targets
  • Accurately assess hearing instrument output relative to dynamic range of the patient

Percentile Analysis

  • Document hearing instrument compression and accurately assess the provided audibility


ProbeGUIDE provides real time, software-assisted probe tube placement. Real-ear verification is easier than ever and there is no need for additional hardware, software licenses or complicated techniques.

Real-time assistance

  • Constantly tracks the probe tube, giving real-time feedback that enables accurate placement while avoiding patient discomfort from eardrum contact
  • Supports confident probe tube placement

Algorithm developed using machine learning

  • Accurate prediction of probe tube tip distance from eardrum results in easier REM and more precise REM results*
  • Provides reliable REM results across clinicians and clinic locations
  • Resistant to the ambient noise that can occur in a busy clinical environment

Office Integrations

NOAH MODULE (optional)

  • Quickly transfer audiometry stored in Noah into the Verifit2
  • Store and retrieve test results electronically, giving you the flexibility to go paperless
  • Easily generate PDF reports that integrate with EMR systems via shared network folders


  • Teleaudiology compatible
  • View/operate Verifit2 from a PC
  • On-top mode allows hearing instrument measurement and adjustment to occur together on one screen


  • Multiple printing options: print via the Noah module, a network connected printer, a USB-connected printer, or print-to-file

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