Inventis, a company that develops and manufactures audiology equipment, announced the distribution of Path Medical instruments in North America. Inventis is enlarging its product portfolio by entering the OAE and ABR diagnostic segment and strengthening its position in the North American market, according to the company’s announcement.

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With its range of audiometers, middle-ear analyzers, and fitting systems, marketed in more than 65 countries around the world, Inventis is a “growing innovative challenger in its field.” The company, founded in 2005 with headquarters in Padua, Italy, said that it has always been extremely focused on exports, and in 2018 opened a subsidiary in the US to reinforce its presence in its “most important market after the domestic one.”

Path Medical is a Germany-based company that has “unique algorithms and technologies considered to be the new frontier in audiology practice.”

“We’re thrilled to unfold our presence in the North American market. By extending the range of our products, we aim to unlock the full potential of innovation and digital transformation and place our clients on the best path for success in the audiology landscape,” said Riccardo Rizzoli, Inventis NA CEO “We aim to provide a full range of solutions for hearing assessment from 0 to 99 years.”


Inventis is a company providing instrumentation and software solutions to hearing and balance care professionals around the world. From its team of engineers to its worldwide distributors, Inventis is committed to being “a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices.” With all intentions of becoming “a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices, Inventis is now one of the youngest and strongest manufacturing company of audiology equipment,” according to its website. Inventis develops and manufactures audiology equipment including, audiometers, middle ear analyzers, and hearing aid fitting solutions.

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