Inventis, a company that develops and manufactures audiology and balance equipment, announced the addition of Quigley Diagnostics as a distributor in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire).

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“We are excited to add Quigley Diagnostics as a distributor,” said Riccardo Rizzoli, Inventis international sales manager. “Eric [Quigley] is a huge asset and will be covering the Northeast region, providing all of his customers with industry knowledge and best-in-class service.”

Quigley has spent over a decade within the audiology industry and is well-versed in equipment, installations, sound booth builds, trainings, and calibration, according to the company’s announcement. With his skills and experience, he decided to open QDX to provide the audiology and vestibular clinics of the Northeast a “convenient and efficient customer care system with less bureaucracy than the competition.”

“I started my company after a year into the global pandemic to address the unmet need of a streamlined and reliable experience for audiology and balance clinics,” said Quigley. “With the shift to working from home, I heard from my customers a need for one point of contact that could provide a wide breadth of services, maintenance, and equipment.

“I partnered with Inventis not only because it was a great choice, but because it was the right choice. Their equipment met the needs of a true hybrid solution that others have not been able to produce. They have the only R&D department willing and able to listen to customer needs and turn them into reality in a timely manner. Aside from game-changing equipment, their optimal communication has truly been a breath of fresh air.”

Please reach out to Eric directly to set up your appointment. He can be reached at: [email protected].


Inventis is an audiology company providing instrumentation and software solutions to hearing and balance care professionals around the world. From their team of engineers to their worldwide distributors, Inventis is committed to “being a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices.”

Inventis develops and manufactures audiology equipment including, audiometers, middle-ear analyzers, and hearing aid fitting solutions.

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