Benson Medical Instruments Co, Minneapolis, celebrated its 20th anniversary in January of this year. Stephen Benson (pictured), a career software programmer, got the initial idea for the company when he saw an opportunity to develop group-testing audiometric systems for the mobile occupational testing market.  In the early 90s, just being able to automatically test a group of subjects, transfer the data, and print results showing OSHA analysis immediately following the test was of great benefit to service providers. HR SteveBensonMedical

Benson teamed up with David Mayou, who had an electrical engineering and sales background, to form the company.  From there, the pair realized that the broader field of hearing conservation required a streamlined solution for testing, analyzing, and reporting regulatory compliance.  The key element was to seamlessly integrate the various pieces to make it convenient for the occupational health nurse or other user to complete the work.

“Over the years,” Mayou explains, “the company has grown to over 20 employees, most of them software programmers and engineers.  Benson Medical was founded on the idea that we solve customer problems.  Innovation is at the heart of all of our products.”

Source: Benson Medical Instruments