Signia has been named a Best of Innovation honoree in the 2024 CES Innovation Awards for its Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aid, which provides improved sound clarity and definition for wearers in noisy group conversations.

The CES Innovation Awards recognize brands that drive innovation with outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across technology verticals. The new Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aid—one of two hearing aids to debut Signia’s industry-leading Integrated Xperience (IX) technology in September 2023—was recognized in the Wearable Technologies category. 

“We’re thrilled to be named as a Best of Innovation honoree in a consumer technology award program as prestigious as the CES Innovation Awards,” says Mike O’Neil, president of Signia U.S. “The recognition validates Signia’s steadfast commitment to deliver solutions that enable wearers to flourish in all social environments. Silk Charge&Go IX tackles the previously unaddressed challenge of hearing in noise, enabling seamless conversation and socializing for wearers.”

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A rechargeable, instant-fit completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid, Silk Charge&Go IX is designed to be small and unobtrusive. It delivers superior speech in noise performance and is available as IX CROS for wearers with single-sided deafness, the company says. 

Silk Charge&Go IX provides a 24-hour charge in a single session—crucial for active wearers who rely on their hearing aids throughout the entire day. Featuring Binaural OneMic Directionality 2.0, a pioneering technology that leverages Signia’s renowned binaural audio processing system to ensure superior speech comprehension in noisy environments, Silk Charge&Go IX empowers users to concentrate on conversation partners even in challenging listening environments like group conversations—a significant advancement in hearing aid technology. 

The hearing aid is instant-fit, making the fitting process seamless, and is offered with the option of customized earmolds. Additionally, Silk Charge&Go IX comes equipped with a built-in power bank to provide charging on the go and can be charged through USB 3.0 with a wireless Qi charger. 

“The launch of Signia Integrated Xperience and the hearing aids supporting the platform has unleashed a new standard for hearing aid technology,” says Nicholas Hort, vice president of Marketing of Signia U.S. “Wearers deserve the best quality hearing possible to enjoy life to the fullest, and Silk Charge&Go IX delivers enhanced hearing that exceeds existing industry standards and wearer expectations.” 

Photo: Signia