Inventis, a company that develops and manufactures audiology equipment, announced the release of wireless probes to “work seamlessly” with the company’s real-ear measurement system, Trumpet. According to Inventis, this now makes its wireless probes “the lightest in the market at 50 g/0.11 lb.” Trumpet’s wireless probes are designed to improve patient’s comfort and give complete freedom when performing in-situ measurements. Trumpet makes use of the lightweight probes by providing options in both wired and wireless, which allows for bilateral testing to help speed up an exam, the company says.

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Trumpet is “an advanced and easy-to-use real ear measurement system, capable of performing quick and accurate in-situ measures thanks to its small lightweight probes and its built-in amplified speaker.” Trumpet also incorporates a diagnostic audiometer for carrying out air, bone, and speech audiometric exams. Controlled directly from a computer, Trumpet offers a “complete but simple and intuitive software interface, making it a compact and portable system with no compromises,” Inventis says.

Trumpet is available in three versions:

  • Trumpet REM: To fit hearing aids using standard GAIN/RESPONSE measures or speech mapping.
  • Trumpet AUD: To perform air, bone, free field pure tone and speech audiometry exams, Hughson-Westlake automated audiometry, QuickSIN(opt), master hearing aid, and Stenger.
  • Trumpet REM & AUD: To get the most complete solution (audiometry and REM). Optional licenses are available for Trumpet REM and Trumpet AUD to unlock, respectively, audiometry, or REM functions.

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Inventis is an audiology company providing instrumentation and software solutions to hearing and balance care professionals around the world. From its team of engineers to its worldwide distributors, Inventis is committed to being a reliable and innovative manufacturer of medical devices. Inventis develops and manufactures audiology equipment including, audiometers, middle-ear analyzers, and hearing aid fitting solutions. 

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