Widex COM-DEX Remote Mic.

Widex COM-DEX Remote Mic.

A new assistive listening device designed to help hearing aid wearers to hear speech in the most difficult one-to-one situations has been introduced by Widex, Hauppauge, NY.

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is an add-on to the COM-DEX wireless Bluetooth accessory from Widex. Designed for difficult one-to-one listening situations—such as noisy restaurants, classrooms, or group gatherings—the remote mic is clipped onto the speaker’s clothing and can be controlled via the COM-DEX app. Sound is then streamed directly to the wearer’s Widex hearing aids via the COM-DEX.

According to Widex, the new remote mic offers up to 8 hours of streaming time, with a 33-foot range for easy conversation. Wireless connection via COM-DEX can be achieved to all Widex hearing aids, and an updated COM-DEX App for remote control of the mic is now available. The remoted mic battery can be fully charged after 3 hours.

Widex President Jeffrey Geigel says that the COM-DEX Remote Mic is a valuable addition to the Widex family of assistive listening devices. “Our hearing aids already help people to hear speech in noisy environments,” said Geigel in a press statement. “The COM-DEX Remote Mic is designed as an add-on for those situations where background noise is especially intense. This is the answer to difficult one-to-one listening situations.”

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is now available for sale in the United States. For details, contact Widex at (800) 221-0188 or visit: http://www.widexpro.com

Source: Widex