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SPECIAL REPORT: Social Engagement and Hearing Loss

Human beings are social creatures. This special report, featuring comments from leading experts in psychology and audiology, reviews new and important research on hearing loss, and shows why audiological care needs to renew its focus on helping patients regain their communication and social engagement activities—those things that make life meaningful and rewarding.

FCC Proposes Automating Phone Captioning

As part of a July 18 announcement in the Federal Register on a new proposed ruling, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)—the government agency regulating interstate communications by radio, TV, satellite, cable, and wire—has indicated an interest in utilizing automated speech recognition (ASR) as an alternative to live captioning assistants (CAs) for Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS), making the use of CAs optional.

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Etymotic Research Merges with Lucid Hearing/Lucid Audio

Two well-known names and company owners in hearing device manufacturing are joining forces. Etymotic Research Founder Mead Killion announced that his company has merged with Lucid Hearing/Lucid Audio, a prominent hearing aid and PSAP manufacturer owned by Henry Smith, founder of Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS), America Hears, and more recently Liberty Hearing Aids and Lucid Audio.

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EXPERT INSIGHT #2: How long should the hearing aid battery last after a full charge, and how does Bluetooth affect this?

This week’s Expert Insight addresses how long a battery should last after a full recharge, how Bluetooth streaming can affect battery life, and if the life of a hearing aid circuit is shortened by a rechargeable system. Get new insights into power issues, and ask your own questions here!

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IntriCon Adds Power-Efficient Wireless Audio Streaming to Its Hearing Devices

IntriCon has taken another major step forward in its hearing aid and hearables offerings—this time adding audio streaming functionality. IntriCon’s and NXP’s R&D teams merged hearing aid engineering and wireless audio streaming semiconductor technology to deliver hearing aid devices that can stream wireless audio from IntriCon’s wireless accessories. It intends to launch this technology—coupled with a remote microphone—into its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and Direct-to-Insurance (DTI) channels in the first half of 2018.

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Sonic Enchant Line Adds SoundClip-A to Stream Sounds in Stereo from Numerous Devices

Sonic has expanded the wireless connectivity options of its Enchant hearing aids with the introduction of SoundClip-A. The easy-to-use, lightweight SoundClip-A allows users to stream stereo sound hands-free to both hearing aids from all Bluetooth® 2.1 smartphones and devices. The small, ergonomically designed clip-on device delivers added benefit as a wireless remote/partner microphone for easier listening when the speaker is at a distance or in noisy environments where listening is difficult. SoundClip-A also enables remote volume control, program changes, and call pick-up with just the press of a button.

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