Tunity, a technology that allows users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their mobile device, announced the debut of Tunity SDK for Audio.

Tunity SDK for Audio is said to gives companies that service the hearing impaired the ability to embed a white-labeled version of Tunity’s patented deep-learning, TV audio-streaming technology directly into their customer-facing apps. This is designed to allow users to hear live audio from muted televisions directly on their existing mobile devices.

With Tunity SDK for Audio, businesses that seek to assist the hearing impaired can help improve customer engagement in several ways, according to Tunity:

  • Increase App Usage – Customers using an app with the Tunity SDK now have the power to listen to live TV wherever they are.
  • Retain Customers – Even if a customer is at a gym, bar, or restaurant, by using your app to watch TV, there is direct access to potentially send them important information, promotions, and discounts, Tunity said in its announcement.

Many wireless hearing aids are able to connect to iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth, allowing their users to directly hear TV through Tunity.

Because Tunity uses a cloud-based platform coupled with a user’s mobile device, businesses do not need to make the financial investment of additional hardware, or deal with upkeep and repairs, says the company.

More information on SDK for Audio can be found here: https://www.tunity.com/business/

Source: Tunity

Image: Tunity