Sonic announced the introduction of new custom styles and essential performance levels that the company says will bring Enchant’s combination of performance, features and functionality to even more users. New Enchant40and Enchant20 round out the full range of Enchant performance levels, adding two options to the current lineup of Enchant100, Enchant80, and Enchant60.

“With our new custom styles and essential performance levels, we give hearing care professionals a significantly expanded Enchant family that allows them to provide even more patients with an instinctively smart Enchant solution, personalized to their unique needs and preferences,” said Joseph A. Lugara, Sonic President and Chief Operating Officer. “Whatever style or performance level they choose, Enchant lets patients capture the magic of every moment—staying true to Sonic’s 4S Foundation of Sound that is natural, speech understanding in noise, simplicity in everything we do, and style that stands out.”

Versatile, Personalized Hearing Experience

Designed with a focus on size to create a “first-rate fit,” Enchant custom models reportedly use a variety of venting, amplifier, and battery configurations to build the smallest possible instruments to satisfy individual preferences for style, comfort, and gain. Feature options include four receiver sizes (75-100 dB), advanced wireless communication with 2.4 GHz,  Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology, dexterity enhancements for easier handling, and more, according to Sonic. The four styles—IIC, CIC, ITC, and ITE HS/FS—are available in five performance levels from Premium to Entry-level to accommodate mild to severe losses.

SoundDNA_Product Overview

Full Range of Technologies and Features

New Enchant40 and Enchant20 join existing Enchant100, Enchant80, and Enchant60 for a total of five performance levels from Premium to Entry-level, in three BTE and four custom styles that accommodate mild to severe losses.

All Enchant styles and performance levels are powered by the SoundDNA platform. With options that vary by technology level, this platform features Speech Variable Processing with SmartCompress and Speech-in-Noise (SPiN) Management. Enchant’s Dual-Radio System employs 2.4 GHz and NFMI wireless technology, so patients can stream audio directly to their hearing aids via their iPhone® without the need for a go-between intermediary device. Plus, Tinnitus SoundSupport is available in all technology levels for patients with hearing loss who also experience tinnitus.

The Enchant miniRITE at all performance levels is compatible with the ZPower rechargeable battery system.

For more information on the expanded Enchant family, including Enchant40, Enchant20, and custom and BTE styles, visit

Source: Sonic

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