Since 2007, Oticon, Inc. has joined with hearing care professionals nationwide to support breast cancer awareness and life-saving research during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, the Oticon “Hear in Pink”™ campaign will again deliver  messages about hearing health and breast cancer awareness and help to raise funds to support lifesaving research, the hearing aid manufacturer announced.

During September and October, Oticon will donate a portion of the sales of all Oticon Opn™ hearing aids, including special edition pink Opn, to the National Breast Cancer Coalition to support its mission to know how to end breast cancer by January 2020. Now in its eleventh year, the annual campaign has reportedly enabled Oticon to donate more than $110,000 to nonprofit breast cancer organizations.

Key to the success of the “Hear in Pink” campaign is the partnership with hearing care professionals that expands reach of the campaign to engage and educate consumers in local communities.

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“For more than a decade, the ‘Hear in Pink’ campaign has given hearing care professionals a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to community health and wellness and build practice visibility and loyalty,” says Oticon Vice President of Marketing Sheena Oliver.  “For consumers, the campaign offers a compelling incentive to choose an all-around better hearing solution with Oticon Opn and at the same time show their support for individuals, family, and friends who have been touched by this disease.”

To help hearing care professionals extend and reinforce outreach in their communities, Oticon has developed “Hear in Pink” newspaper ads and a customized press release. Hearing care professionals are also encouraged to help expand the “Hear in Pink” awareness-building efforts by logging onto and sharing the informative and inspiring posts with clients, friends, family, and their social network.  New postings will be added throughout the campaign to maintain the momentum.

In October, Oticon employees will help to kick off the “Hear in Pink” campaign by participating in the annual American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk in Piscataway, New Jersey. Oticon will also host a “Hear in Pink” celebration at the Somerset, New Jersey headquarters where staff from a regional medical center will be on hand to provide breast health and wellness advice.

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Source: Oticon

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