With the click of a mouse, hearing aid users and hearing care professionals can explore a wealth of useful information. Patients can discover the latest hearing aid products, and hearing care professionals can research the most suitable solutions for their clients. In this Web site guide, HR has invited some of the hearing care companies to describe their Internet offerings.


Audioscan’s Web site features a wealth of information and provides an interactive experience. Visitors can test-drive the Verifit, see the latest news, locate their nearest Audioscan representative, or peruse the Audioscan library. The library features many resources, from recent presentation slideshows to articles on the history of Speechmap. Audioscan owners can even download the latest free software for their equipment. Visit today. www.audioscan.com

Chicago Advertising & Marketing

Chicago Advertising & Marketing’s Web site features client testimonials and samples of the company’s effective direct mail pieces. Hearing care professionals can learn more about all of the services that CAM offers. Check back often, as the Monthly Mailers page frequently features money-saving offers on direct mail that you’ll want to know about. The convenient Quick Quote form lets you request pricing information and zip code counts for a direct mail campaign. www.campromotions.net

Ear Technology Corp

www.eartech.com is your portal to a world of better hearing, with links to information on Clik, TransEar, and Dry & Store. Our hallmark is innovation with a purpose, and with uncompromising quality. Our history is made up of practical, real-world solutions to unmet needs in the hearing care industry. Our future is bright: Helping people hear better every day. www.eartech.com

GN Otometrics

Our Web site provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s product portfolio, ranging from infant screening applications and audiologic diagnostics to balance testing and hearing instrument fitting. The resource section of the Web site holds an extensive selection of free publications, literature, and training materials. Visitors can also get a full overview of the training events and courses offered by Otometrics online and across the country in 2010. www.otometrics.com


After more than 50 years in business, Hansaton is introducing its world-renowned hearing solutions to the United States. Visit our Web site to see how our family of German-engineered hearing products can provide your patients with exceptional performance, award-winning design, and value. Learn more about the newest developments in Hansaton hearing systems, Hadeo care, cleaning products, and more. www.hansaton-usa.com

The Hearing Review/Hearing Review Products

The Hearing Review and Hearing Review Products Web site is ideal for “quick updates” on the latest hearing-related news and research, as well as for “extended visits” to browse past articles, read about your favorite topics or articles from your favorite authors using key-word searches, listen to our Science & Technology Thursday podcasts, see what’s new in The Insider weekly e-newsletter, or check out favorite features like the Expert Insight Q&A or HR Web Poll. Keep up to date and visit the HR/HPR Web daily, and bookmark www.hearingreview.com on your Web browser.


Interacoustics designs and manufactures state of the art instrumentation for all sectors of the audiological world. The product range covers audiometry, balance testing, immitance, and electrophysiology within ABR/AEP/OAE. Clinical diagnosis, rehabilitation, and balance testing are the key areas, and the Web site provides a wide range of marketing, support, and educational information such as how-to articles, reimbursement documents, product information, and company news. www.interacoustics-us.com

Maico Diagnostics

Our newly designed, user-friendly Web site provides complete technical information on Maico’s comprehensive line of hearing screening products. Hearing care professionals can download product information by product type or by profession. Product data sheets, operation manuals, FAQs, and various online guides are available for online viewing or downloading. www.maico-diagnostics.com


Microsonic’s new Web site has made its debut. Featuring expanded product descriptions and easier navigation, the new site is a one-stop encyclopedia of earmold information. Critical information from the Custom Earmold Manual is included, dealing with patient evaluation and correct ear impressioning, while other sections deal with the company’s complete product offerings. Visit our Web site today. www.microsonic-inc.com


Rayovac ProLine Advanced is supported with a Web site specifically designed as a tool for hearing care professionals. www.thepowerofhearing.com features free product information, business benchmarking tools, marketing materials, downloads, and FAQs. In addition, professionals can contact ProLine’s dedicated product consultants directly, and even order products online. Rayovac supports patients with a consumer-focused Web site, www.rayovac.com. To learn more, visit our sites, or call us at (800) 356-7422. www.thepowerofhearing.com


GNReSound.com was created for both consumers and hearing care professionals. The site provides educational information about hearing loss, a hearing evaluation, and information on the benefits of hearing instruments to help consumers make educated decisions about hearing loss. Professionals can also access detailed product information on ReSound’s full line of hearing instruments. The new Global Audiology Web page provides information on the dedicated team of researchers behind ReSound innovations, and includes a research library with white papers on ReSound technologies. www.gnresound.com


With the myRexton professional Web site, you can access and maintain your account online 24 hours per day, utilizing features such as online bill pay, order custom instruments using the custom e-form, and download the newest Rexton product information. You can also check the status of an order, search warranty expiration information, and much more. Contact your Rexton representative at (800) 876-1141 to get online access to your account information. www.rexton-online.com

Sonic Innovations

Our Web site provides both consumers and hearing care professionals a variety of useful tools and information. Also included is helpful information about hearing loss and hearing aids, a Hearing Care Professional Locator, and cooperative marketing tool for professionals. Add our Web site to your favorites, and check back often for product information, research information, and the latest in Sonic Innovations’ activities and events. www.sonici.com


Starkey operates two Web sites. StarkeyPro.com is dedicated to professionals, housing comprehensive product information, professional development opportunities, marketing support materials, and company information, as well as a resource library with information about Starkey’s research activities, technical papers, the Starkey Audiology Series, and more. Starkey.com was created for patients, and provides educational information about hearing loss and the benefits of hearing aids, helping them make educated decisions about hearing health. www.starkeypro.com, www.starkey.com


Unitron’s Web site has been developed to provide information about one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of hearing instruments, including: custom, BTE, and the all-new, crossover hearing aid, FUSE. The site includes innovative tools like myStyle—the first online tool that allows consumers and professionals to see and change hearing aid styles. Hearing professionals can also easily download spec sheets and other technical materials needed to support their practice. www.unitron.com


Westone has a completely new Web site, totally redesigned, and even easier to navigate. Access the information you need, whenever you need it. Look for the perfect earpiece for your patient, or access technical and how-to articles along with time- and money-saving tips. You can order impression materials and any of the thousands of other supplies Westone offers the hearing care professional through our easy-to-use online store. www.westone.com


The Widex Professional Web site offers extensive resources to support hearing care professionals. Authorized Widex professionals can access important technical information and product specifications regarding the comprehensive line of Widex products, including ultimate level mind440 hearing instruments and the new Passion440 line of virtually invisible Dual ISP hearing instruments. Custom and behind-the-ear hearing aids, as well as common parts, supplies, service forms, and the full and colorful line of Widex marketing materials, can easily be ordered from the Web site. www.widexPro.com