Varta announced it will present hearing aid batteries under the Varta brand for the first time on March 30 at the AAA 2022 + HearTECH Expo in St Louis, where the company’s full range of products will also be on display, including individual energy solutions for the industry.

“We are very pleased to now present hearing aid batteries under the Varta brand for the first time. These batteries are based on innovative foil technology. For wearers of hearing aids, the battery is crucial for a reliable and optimal hearing experience. We stand for enabling every person to live an independent and fulfilled life in an inclusive society,” said Torsten Schmerer, general manager Varta Microbatteries.

Varta’s research and development department works “every day to develop the most advanced batteries to enable small and lightweight healthcare products of the future.” The goal, the company says, is to make hearing aids “comfortable, powerful, and therefore easy to integrate into everyday life.”

The range of power one, a 100% subsidiary brand of VARTA AG, includes the recently launched power one Evolution. VARTA is already working on the successor product: power one Extreme. By further increasing the capacity of the cells, hearing aid users can be “guaranteed an even longer runtime and, thus, even longer hearing.”

With Varta Individuals, the technology group from Ellwangen offers specific and individual hearing aid energy solutions that are produced in industrial small series. The assembly and housing of the battery are “precisely tailored to the customer’s specifications.” These hearing aid solutions are mainly used in the field of implants.

For Varta, sustainable, social, ecological, and economic actions are inextricably linked to its corporate culture, which goes back more than 130 years. The company is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment. With its commitment to Germany as a production location and its plants in Ellwangen, Dischingen, and Nördlingen, the focus is on environmentally friendly and resource-saving production, product quality, and safety.

The Varta AG stand is located in the America’s Center St Louis – Booth 520.

Source: Varta

Images: Varta