Connect Hearing, a Chicago-based network of hearing care centers—announced that it will add the new Moxi™ Fit R rechargeable hearing aids to its portfolio of hearing solutions. With the addition of Moxi Fit R, Connect Hearing is now able to fit clients with the reportedly world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid (based on exterior dimensions compared to other products in its class), featuring the most advanced sound technology on the market.

The Moxi Fit R is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) style hearing aid from Unitron, a Kitchener, Ontario-based manufacturer of hearing devices. The new hearing aid improves upon the company’s award-winning Moxi Fit hearing aid by offering a rechargeable silver-zinc battery solution, according to the announcement. This new battery powers the hearing aids for 24 hours or more per charge, including 90 minutes of wireless streaming on an overnight charge, and replaces up to 100 traditional batteries. Plus, the rechargeable battery cells can be swapped with traditional batteries so clients are never caught without power.

The Moxi Fit R also features Unitron’s most innovative sound technology, the new Tempus™ platform. The “engine” of the hearing aid, this technology aims to help wearers get the most out of conversations, particularly in difficult situations such as crowds and noise. Tempus™ is reportedly 50 percent more accurate and 36 percent faster at locating the source of speech and instantaneously adjusting to the sound environment than Unitron’s previous platform, resulting in the most seamless, natural hearing experience yet, according to the announcement.

“We are excited to give clients who are looking for discreet hearing aids a rechargeable option with incredibly realistic sound performance,” said Vice-President of Marketing, Patrick Schuerer. “The Moxi Fit R represents a new era in hearing technology offering wearers a life-changing listening experience and unparalleled convenience.”

Connect Hearing’s nationwide locations offer complimentary hearing consultations to determine if the hearing aids are appropriate for their needs and will provide free take-home trials of the Moxi Fit R to clients as part of its unique “2-Week Free Trial” program. The program allows clients to try hearing aids at home free for 14 days with no obligation and no money down. To book a trial or learn more about Moxi Fit R, please visit or call 1-888-426-6632.

Source: Connect Hearing, Unitron